Youtubers Life “Update 1.0.4”



Description and instructions:

Here are your #YachtChallenge winners!

Congratulations to Marissi, Lucas, Crazy Neith, Baptippo and MaaRiia… You’re now part of Youtubers Life forever!
Go find the new characters in-game and talk to them, they’ll surely have something interesting to say!

The wardrobe
We have updated the tooltip to clearly state which clothes you should be wearing to each event. Let us know how you’re finding the new system behaviour.

Also, as always, there were other minor bug fixes that should make the game more and more enjoyable.

Kind regards,

The U-Play Online Team.

Youtubers Life “Update 1.0.4”
Upload time: 28.02.2018
Size: 114.62 MB

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